Learn about the different type of lab reports found online and why we’re the industry standard to buy pure peptides.
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founded in 2020

We’ve been in the field of biochemistry specializing in peptide sciences since 2012 and founded VP in 2020 fueled by our passion for the ground breaking potential of peptides. We’ve built long standing relations with several world class certified labs allowing us to sell the highest quality peptides possible at the best prices possible.

Our Mission

Our mission with VP is to make these high grade research materials accessible with reliable consistency, full transparency, and trust in our products. 
With over 70+ published lab reports (and many more unpublished), you can rest assured that we don’t cut corners with testing like using old lab reports on a different batch. We have the most recent and up-to-date test results in the industry as you’ll find in our extensive archive of lab reports on the Lab Tests page.

The Lab Reports

Tested for weight, not just purity.
Many online lab reports only include the purity result with no quantity analysis, so it may show 99% purity, but a 5mg vial may contain just 1mg of active peptide or worse, containing double the quantity creating a dangerous situation for researchers when planning their protocols.

Other online lab reports sometime are self branded or vague with no labeled information of the lab and no way to check legitimacy of their testing. In other cases, some vendors claim lab testing, but a report is nowhere to be found and a request for a CoA is refused. Additional questionable lab reports are generic ones provided by the manufacturer. They look something like this:

We send every batch of peptides to a reputable and unaffiliated third party analytical testing lab recognized by the research community. You can find a batch number on the product label and lab report to match, as well as a unique key at the bottom of the report to verify the lab report is authentic with our testing lab. Contact us to find out how to verify our lab reports!

Examples of failed lab reports

Our most recent failed lab report was for a new batch of AOD-9604 5mg.
It tested 99% pure, but only 1mg detected.

aod9604-jan-2024 failed

Here’s an example where AOD-9604 had double the expected quantity tested at 12.7mg instead of 5mg!

AOD9604 overweight

TB-500 No peptide detected:

tb500 no peptide detected

We have many more examples, but you get the idea.

Thank you

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